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SNS College of Engineering – Research Activities


The Management, with the novel idea of promoting Research activities among faculty and students, has come out with the scheme of providing research seed fund worth of Rs. one  lakh  per department under faculty and student category.  The college received 107 student projects and 29 staff projects.    The project proposals were scrutinized and the management  decided to sanction the seed money for the following  proposals.

1 Siva Nandini P
Priyanka A
Mohana Bharathi L
Vandhana G
CIVIL IV Reuse of Demolished Concrete For the Construction of VillageRoads 27,500
2 A.Sathishkumar
CSE IV EC Sign_Up (Extra & Co Curricular Activity) 7,000
3 Prem.V
Saran Kumar.Y
Uthaya Suriyan. M
EEE IV Automatic Meter Reading(Amr) For Electricity Using Power Line Carrier Communication 19,000
4 C.L.Alex,
C.Cruz Antony Wisdom,
A.Arun Prakash
S&H- MECH II Kinetic Energy Reuse System 30,000
5 S.Prabhu Ram
V.Sowmiya Devi
Akshaya Kumar
ECE III Rescue Copter 25,000

1 Mr.G.Shivaraj
Mr.P.Gokula Krishnan
EEE Agricultural Robot 50,000
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan attended an International Seminar on “Recent Development and Emerging Trends in Research Methodology” at SNSCT on 7.1.2016 , Resource Person: Dr.VijayaraghavanViswanathan, Scientist &Researcher,CERN-ARDENT, Switzerland.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan attended  an International Workshop titled “IEEESmart Village (ISV) Business Development “ at Coimbatore Institute of Technology on 6.1.2016.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan met Mr.S.Krishnakumar, Senior Technical Officer, DRDO, Chennai on 28th February 2016 and had discussion regarding various Opportunities and Scopes in Research & Development through Collaboration with DRDO.
  • First level Scrutiny/Selection of Student Project Proposal & Faculty Poject Proposal was conducted by all HoD’s and shortlisted the eligible Project Proposals.
  • The Experts were identified through EDC Cell, Mr.YeshwanthRao and Mr.R.K.Jeyabalan, Chennai on 26.03.16 for the scrutiny of Seed Money Proposal.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan met Deputy Director Mr.M.Palanivel, MSME to get funding for TIC along with Dr.Balasubramaniam, Associate Professor, Mechanical Department on 28.03.2016
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan, is invited to be part of Technical Program Committee Member for ICRITO-16, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Seed Money Final Scrutiny presentation was conducted in front of external experts.

56 Students Presentation & 8 Faculty Presentation was conducted.

1 Mr.Naveenkumar Director Enkey Engineering works, Coimbatore.
2 Mr.Navaneethmylsamy JMD Gishnu Gear & MM Gears, Coimbatore
3 Dr.P.Rajkumar Architect RobertBosch, Coimbatore.
4 Mr.Jothimurugan Director M/s INVENIRE, KCT Park, Coimbatore.
5 Mr.AthiGajendran MD M/s Krishna Associates, Coimbatore.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering successfully obtained Research Centre status from Anna University Chennai. on 31.05.2016.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan visitedSalzer Electronics on 15.6.2016 and discussed with Senior R&D Manager along with Placement Officer on feasibility of doing Research work.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan attended ICTACT Bridge 2016 Coimbatore edition on 22.6.2016.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan is one of the Technical Programme Committee Member of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bangalore for ICSIPCA 2016 Conference.
  • M.Meenakumari,Mrs.S.KarpagaAbirami received Seminar Grant of Rs.50,000 from ISRO for organizing a Seminar entitled “Security algorithm for FPGA Design using IP Core protection”.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan, Ms.R.Jamuna, Mr.Kamalakannan and Mr.Rajkumar attended Webinar on “Programming SDR” and “Interfacing Next Generation Wireless Systems” on 28.7.2016 organized by National Instruments.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan received recognized supervisorship  (Ref.No:2840003) for guiding Ph.D and M.S. (by Research ) Scholars from Anna University under the Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering.
  • G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan attendedTurnitin Webinar : The Australian National University’s Academic Skills & Learning Centre and ANU Online have created a Turnitin Practice Moodle site which aims to provide Students to improve their Writing Skill.
  • K.M.Eazhil, Mr.R.Govindraj, Mr.S.Mahendran, Mr.S.Jayachandran & Mr.P.Selvan attended One Day National Workshop On “Publishing Research Articles and Applying For Research Grants/IPR”
  • P.SarathamaniHoD/MBA as Principal Investigator, received MHRD Funding of Rs. 66.5 lakhs for setting up Business Incubation Centre, followed by Principal Sir Presentation in MHRD, New Delhi.
  • P. Saradhamani and Mr. P. Rajendran, conducted an Expert Lecture on Personality Development which was delivered to the final year UG Students at Sri JeyandraSaraswathiMahaVidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore on January 12, 2016.
  • Mohammed Riazhkhan, AP delivered a Guest Lecture on Employability Skills at KandasamyKandar College of Arts and Science, Namakkal on 18th February 2016.
  • A.Rajalakshmi Devi /A P/Chemistry has won the Best Paper Award for presenting a paper on “ A Comparative investigation on Electro chemical impedance spectroscopic studies in corrosion protection of copper using thiol, Imidazole and amino acid self assembled mono layers in neutral media” in International Conference on Recent trends in Engineering, Science and Management (ICRTESM) organized by IOSRD on 10th July, 2016


A Green Approach-Synthesis of Nanoparticles from Plant Extracts

Dr.D.Shalini, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry  presented a Research Seminar in the title “A Green Approach-Synthesis of Nanoparticles from Plant Extracts” in the MBA Seminar Hall-SNSCE on 05.08.2017 by 10.30 am.

Dr.D.Shalini discussed about the methods of preparation of Nanoparticles: Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches.  She explained the advantages of Green Synthesis, Green synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles, Synthesis of Nanoparticles from different types of plants like Aloe Veera, Eucalyptus etc. The Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Vinca Rosea plant extracts, Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles, Photocatalytic degradation of dye were discussed.

Many queries were raised among the faculty members and it was completed by 11.30am.

Click here for Presentation

Solar energy harvesting with the application of Nanotechnology

Dr.B.GoldvinSugirthaDhas, Assistant Professor, Department of EEE  presented a Research Seminar in the title “Solar energy harvesting with the application of Nanotechnology” in the MBA Seminar Hall-SNSCE on 9.9.2017 by 10.30 am.

Dr.B.GoldvinSugirthaDhas discussed about the basics of Nanotechnology, different Solar energy systems and Solar collectors. He discussed about fuel cell, photocatalysis, energy storage in supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries. The seminar was concluded with solar cell technology including first, second and third generation solar cell.

Many queries were raised among the faculty members and it was completed by 11.30am

Click here for his Presentation

Cryogenic Cooling During Machining

Dr.K.SenthilKumar, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering  presented a Research Seminar in the title “Cryogenic Cooling During Machining” in the MBA Seminar Hall-SNSCE on 15.07.2017 by 10.30 am.

Dr.K.SenthilKumar  discussed about the need for cooling, cryogenic cooling, types of  machining process and applications during machining.  He discussed in detail about the cutting fluids and its properties, heat generation during  machining, history of cryogenics and the applications of cryogenics.  He also discussed about liquid nitrogen and its production, cryogenic machining  setup, potential benefits of cryogenic machining , cryogenic machining Vs coolant lubricant  fluid.  Many queries were raised among the faculty members and it was completed by 11.30am.

Cryogenic Cooling During Machining


TITLE : The Effect Of Welding Process Parameters On Pitting Corrosion And Microstructure Of Chromium – Manganese Stainless Steel Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Plates

RESOURCE PERSON : Dr.R.Sudhakaran, HoD,Department of Mechanical Engineering

DATE : 06.08.2016.

TITLE : Introduction To Sliding Mode Control – In Research Perspective

RESOURCE PERSON Dr.C.Vivekanandhan,Vice Principal

DATE : 20.08.2016TITLE : Advanced Irrigation System For Farmers Based On Sensor Network

RESOURCE PERSON Dr.P.Gnanasundari, HoD, Department of Electronics andCommunication Engineering

DATE : 03.09.2016

TITLE : Automatic Data Movement And Computation Mapping For Multi-Level Parallel Architectures With Explicitly Managed Memories

RESOURCE PERSON Prof.B.Anuradha, HoD, Department of Information Technology

DATE : 15.10.2016.

TITLE : Internet Of Things (Iot): A Vision, Architectural Elements, FutureDirections And Few Examples

RESOURCE PERSON Dr.C.Kalaiarasan,Dean,Department of Computer Science andEngineering

DATE : 22.10.2016

TITLE : An Experimental Study On The Behaviour Of Braced Masonry Walls With Diagonal Bracing Subjected In The Plane Shear Loads

RESOURCE PERSON Mr.S.L.David Anandraj, HoD i/c ,Department of Civil Engineering

DATE : 19.11.2016.

TITLE : A Field Programmable Gate Array Based Shunt Active Power Filter [Sapf] For Power Quality Improvement

RESOURCE PERSON Prof .S.Charles -Ph.D Scholar ,Supervised by Dr.C.Vivekanandan, Vice Principal, SNSCE

DATE : 07.01.2017.

TITLE : Classroom Action Research

RESOURCE PERSON Dr.T.Asha Priya, Associate Professor, Department of English

DATE : 04.02.2017.

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