Counselling Code: 2734
Aug 09, 2018

Association of Information Technology organized a Workshop on “Firewall Security” on 21.07.2018. Mr.S.Nagaraj & Mr.C.VijayBabu, System Administrator, CSE & IT Department were the resource persons.  18, IV Year IT students attended the Workshop.

The session started with an Introduction to The Firewalls and Internet Security defining three basic types of firewalls: packet filters, circuit level gateways, and application gateways. Of course there are also hybrid firewalls, which can be combinations of all three. Students gained knowledge about basic security of firewall.

They elaborated about the working of “Sonicwall” firewall, basis of the instruction given to the system and the way to protect the data which are available in the server. They also showed the demo of hardware connection and blocking process of unwanted website and viruses.  The session was very useful for the students and they interacted to clear the basis doubts on the topic “Firewall Security and its working”