Mar 21, 2017

On behalf of Club of Excellence, Finesse’17 (An ice breaking program-Symposium for First year students) was organized on 18.03.2017. Our alumni students were invited as the chief guest and guest of honor of the chief guest. They shared their experience with first year students. Also various events were conducted during the program.

Event 1: Brain Teaser

Event Organizers: A.G.Lakshmi , R.Vaishnavi , Department of Mechanical Engineering

We tease your brain to make it sharp”. Brain Teaser is such an event which makes the students thoughts move in multi dimensional way.Its a part of our spectacular FINESSE 17. Brain Teaser is a collage of Quiz , Connectionz and Riddles.130 students has participated in the preliminary round and 10 teams has been shortlisted to attend the Finals.And at last 3 teams emerged as WINNERS.They are,

  1. T.Nadish & C.Mahesh (I MECH )
  2. R.Pradesh Balaji & C.Chandra Mohan ( I CSE )

Event 2: Mock Interview

Event Organizers: Harish SG, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mock Interview is a challenging event, Where one’s ability to perform in front of HR is practiced. Adding countdown of 3 minutes & participating with multiple Interviewers brings out the potentiality of Stress Management, Attitude, Content Delivery & Better Communication skills. 75 participants have experienced this wonderful event.

Event 3: Wealth Out Of Waste

Event Organizers: C.Aravinth & R.Sudhakar

According to the report by “Waste To Energy Research and Technology” Council, 0.5 kg is the per capita waste generated by the urban population of our country. In order to make it into useful forms, we divided 0.2kg waste to a team. The team consisted of 2 or 3 members, the time allocated for the preparation was 15 minutes. Totally, 30 teams participated in the preliminary round, from that we finalized 5 teams, which showed extraordinary talent on making the waste to wealth and finally 3 teams emerged as WINNERS.

They are,

  1. D. Guru Prasath-I Mech A., Chidambara Selvan-I Mech A., Malavika-I ECE A.
  2. A. Soundarya-I ECE B., Durga Devi-I CSE A.,
  3. S. Sahaya Vikesh-I MECH B., Sathish Kumar-I IT A.

Event 4: Panel Interview

A panel interview discussion was held for 3rd year SNSCE students on 18.02.2017. The event was conducted by Club Of Excellence (COE).