Counselling Code: 2734
Apr 25, 2018

The Best Outgoing Student Award was given on April 6 th in the 11 th Annual Day Celebrations to Ms. Nivetha R of IV Civil B. She was given a model cheque for Rs. 60,000, a sache, a crown, a shield and a framed certificate. The Best Outstanding Student Award was given to Ms. N. Suvaathi of CSE Department, Ms. N. Anupriya of ECE Department, Ms. S. Gowsalya of EEE department, and to Mr. G. Gokulnath of Mechanical Department. Each of them was awarded a framed certificate and a shield.
There were 16 nominees for the Award out of which one was chosen for the BoG Award. The nominees’ opinions were also taken into consideration. And of the remaining students, based on their performance, one Awardee was selected for each department.
The Rolling Trophy was given to the Civil Department.


ARP for III year
The ARP Award for III year was shared by Mr. K Aravinda Raj of III Civil and Ms. Sunekha C of III ECE B. They shared the Prize money of Rupees. 25,000 each. 26 students from III years had submitted their nominations. 2 were from CSE, 8 from ECE, 6 from EEE 4 from IT, 2 from Civil and 4 from Mechanical submitted their books. 15 were selected for the Management Final Interview Process. And 2 emerged victorious.


ARP for II year
The ARP Award for II year was given to Mr. S. Krishnakanth of II Civil and the Second Prize was shared by Ms. R. Pavithra of II ECE and Mr. K. S. Prajhwal of II Mechanical C. The First Prize was the prize money of Rs. 20,000 while the second prize amount of Rs. 20,000 was shared by the
runners up. 24 students from II years submitted their nominations and 5 were from CSE, 10 from ECE, 2 from IT, 4 from Civil and 3 were from Mechanical. 17 were selected for the Management Final Interview Process and 3 emerged as winners.