Counselling Code: 2734

SNS College of Engineering – Training Facilities of Skill & Career Development Department

Campus Interaction web portal

 All details regarding the students database for placement is uploaded in this portal. The other uses of web portal are:

  • 1st hour practice tests are conducted to improve the performance of the students in Problem solving, Critical thinking, Cognitive skill, Data analytical skill and Communication skill.
  • A Set of question papers are given for practice on a daily basis.
  • Regular monitoring is done by faculty coordinators.
  • Reports of individual students can be generated.
Department library

Our library is a treasure house of books always in demand. It helps one to connect, to share, to grow and  to expand one’s horizons. The book shelves focus on Aptitude, enhancing communication, certificate orientated, soft skills training and other competitive exams.

Additional books in the Main Library

3000+ books are available for all aspects of training in the main library for access to increase students’ thirst for knowledge.

Interview panel rooms

Five specially designed rooms for the purpose of conducting mock interviews are available. This helps to create an interview like ambience.  

GD room

Four GD rooms are available to conduct regular group discussions. Regularly Group Discussions are conducted. It provides real environment to face interview panel members.

Out door

Whenever necessary the students are taken to open auditorium for activities. It gives more interactive with students.