The SNS College of engineering that we see today is the reward of several years of hard work.  The growth has been possible because of the committed and highly qualified team of like-minded people like The Chairman, Correspondent, Founder Trustee, Technical Director, Director. They have striven to promote education through the high ideal of SINCERITY, NOBILITY and SERVICE.

We started our humble beginning in the year 2007 with engineering departments ECE, CSE, IT and EEE. In the year 2008 a Post Graduate course – MBA; in 2009 Mechanical Engineering Department and Post Graduate Degree MCA were added. The SNS  College of Engineering slowly started spreading its wings with Civil in Undergraduate programme and Post Graduate – ME (Civil and AE) in the year 2011. In the same year, we developed our Research Centre in EEE, MCA and MBA departments. In the year 2012 we grew with ME (PED). The year saw the development of IT department when it started offering M. Tech (IT). The IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)  was started with the aim of improving the quality of educating the students and  developing the faculty.

The year 2015 is seen by our institution as a stepping stone to success. Our growth was seen by the NAAC and hence it accredited us with A grade in the 2015. To add a feather to our cap,  we are now processing for NBA SAR.