Counselling Code: 2734
Dr. S. Nalin Vimal Kumar, MS.,Ph.D
Technical Director

Management focuses on students Task Force for Student Life and Learning at SNS,

The Faculty–Friendly, Student–Centered,

Academically–Rigorous, Research–Intensive,

Career–Driven Institution.

At the core of SNS’s mission, along with the conduct of outstanding academics, is the provision of an education of excellent quality to our students in our undergraduate, post graduate and professional programs. As a research–intensive Institution, SNS aims to provide students with an academic experience that benefit directly from the research programs and agendas of Faculty members. A supportive campus environment is also essential for students to thrive. We wish to set the stage for a stimulating, enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience for our students, with services and administrative processes that are effective, efficient and, most importantly, student– oriented.

The Director’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning at SNS encourages the Institution to ensure that decision–making at all levels is informed by principles and goals appropriate to a faculty–friendly, student–centered, academically-rigorous, research-intensive, career-driven Institution. The following is a statement of SNS’s aspirations in this regard:

SNS is an outstanding academically-rigorous Institution that strives to offer its students the best education possible, in a vibrant environment for learning and campus life that supports students’ academic progress and personal development. All members of the SNS community are committed to ensuring that students’ concerns and interests pervade all aspects of Institution life.

Students are valued members of a cooperative academic community, and a primary concern of the Institution. They are treated as individuals, whose diverse backgrounds, goals, aspirations, needs, talents, and successes are welcomed and celebrated. Students are given the means and opportunities to freely probe, examine, debate issues and ideas, and actively pursue their educational goals. As members of a research-intensive Institution, students learn about, and are encouraged to participate in, research and scholarship in their field.

From the first contact of prospective students with the Institution, interactions among students, faculty, and administrative and support staff are based on mutual trust and respect. SNS strives to make the information needed by students easily accessible to them. The rights and responsibilities of students are clearly articulated and supported.

Institution decisions are made with due consideration given to their impact on students. Students participate in Institution governance and influence goals set by academic units, faculties, and the administration. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in ongoing dialogue, where their voices are heard and where their concerns are addressed.

The Institution provides students with a wide variety of academic and support services, striving to make them easy to access, and it fosters students’ interest in organizing their own activities. Students’ best interests are a principal focus of academic, administrative, and support staff.

The Institution helps students obtain the financial support they need to pursue their education, by providing internal programs that are as generous as possible, and by supporting students in their efforts to find employment and external support.

The Institution helps students develop the means to succeed, to inquire after truth, and to contribute to society over their lifetimes.